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Our Academy Is An Establishment For Self Improvement And Personal Excellence.

We are determined to meet all of our members' needs, first and foremost, in a constructive, disciplined, friendly and safe environment. We empower our members to reach their full potential and experience an overall improved healthy lifestyle and regimen, to help maintain an excellent quality of life.

Crosley Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Brentwood, CA

News For 1/2014

Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Seminar


If you are a Martial Arts fan, you can’t miss the opportunity to meet and train with UFC pioneer and
Hall of Famer Royce Gracie in the East SF Bay! This 2-hour long class is 100% hands on and open to any Martial Arts practitioner.

Bring your kimono, digital camera and have a great time training and learning from one the 50 greatest athletes of all time, by Sports Illustraded Magazine.

Special discounted rate for the first 30 Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu students who sign up at the front desk (cash only). Visitors may register over the phone at (925) 634-6958 or click here to register online.

We are looking forward to another amazing time on the mat with Royce! Check out this photo album from previous classes taught by him at our Academy.

Muay Thai Instructor Wanted


We are still looking for a qualified Muay Thai Instructor to teach at our Academy. Applications available upon request. Call us at (925) 634-6958 or email us at for further info. Thank you.

Valentine's Couples Class


Every year, we host a complimentary couple's class around Valentine's Day to Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu members only. This one hour long class is very laid back, but filled with fun and informative street self-defense techniques for the women. This time, however, we are extending this FREE class to any couples in town, not only members. 

We will talk about improving awareness, the four stages of a sexual assault and the proper strategies and escaping techniques to apply on each stage. It requires absolutely no experience or heightened fitness levels, all you need is a positive attitude and a smile on your face. ;)

Space is limited. Call 925.634.6958 to reserve your spot. Or email us here.

When: Thursday, February 13 @ 7:15PM
Attire: Comfortable work out clothing.

Some of the techniques we are going to teach can be seen in this demo by one of our female students at a past Rape Prevention Seminar.

Valentine's Gift from Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
From February 1st through the 14th, we will be offering a FREE 30-Day Trial to the Women's Jiu-Jitsu Program to any female parent of our Academy. Check your e-mails for the VIP Pass  we sent out last night, fill out and show it at the front desk to redeem your trial. FOr your convenience we also have the passes at the front desk. Just ask for it. The uniform for the trial period will be provided by us.

January = Private Lesson Month


It's January, it's Private Lesson Month!
During the entire month of January, we are offering
40% off all individual lessons. 

Improve faster and more confidently with one-on-one training. Get the opportunity to train with your Instructor and address specific areas of your skills. You can purchase a punch card and use it throughout the year at this locked rate. There won't be a better deal on Private Lessons until next January!

Individual lessons are a great way for new students to get introduced to Martial Arts and current student to sharpen and polish their skill. You don't have to be a student to take advantage of this. Lessons available for any of our programs: Rape prevention, street self-defense, law enforcement, stand up striking (Muay Thai), no-gi grappling and takedowns, you choose!

There's no minimum or maximum of how many lessons you can buy. The lessons are transferable, which means you can share it with anyone in the family.

Here are the benefits of both, group and individual lessons, check it out.

Last January, dozens of students purchased over 150 lessons! Get your punch card today!

Make Changes, Not Resolutions! Set Up A Trial Lesson Today!


 Set up your first trial lesson today! Click on the flyer to begin.

Kids Internal Tournament Featured on Brentwood Press


"My little warrior was featured in an article in the local newspaper today. She earned it! Ever since her first class, little over a year ago, she's kept a positive attitude about training, has been learning lessons of respect, hierarchy, teamwork, camaraderie, and working on applying those outside the Academy. Recently, she chose to compete and won her tough match. It's obvious a tremendous satisfaction to me to see her enjoying grow up in the same environment as previous generations of our family.

While competing and training Jiu-Jitsu will never be a requirement in our household as she grows older, understanding the endless benefits of the training for her health and safety, will. And with that information she should make the conscious decision on why she needs to continue training throughout her life.

Right now it's all fun and play, no responsibilities, easy to get used to being on the mat with other "friends" her age, get challenged by the natural body movements and the light competitive spirit that Jiu-Jitsu is about. Life at this age doesn't offer her "tempting" options or external influences that could distract her from her priorities. But when/if that begins to happen, she should have already felt in love with the art, making it natural to associate Jiu-Jitsu to the type of person she is.

I believe with the right parental support and martial arts staff, any child can be a long time student. Like everything else, it's a choice that needs to be made, commitment from all involved is the secret to anyone's success on the mat, and subsequently in life."  - Crosley Gracie

View the article on The Brentwood Press's website here.