Crosley Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Brentwood, CA

Our Academy Is An Establishment For Self Improvement And Personal Excellence.

We are determined to meet all of our members' needs, first and foremost, in a constructive, disciplined, friendly and safe environment. We empower our members to reach their full potential and experience an overall improved healthy lifestyle and regimen, to help maintain an excellent quality of life.

Crosley Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Brentwood, CA

News For 9/2013

6th Annual Kids Internal Tournament


It's that time again! On November 23rd, 2013, we are hosting another internal tournament to promote and develop the competitive spirit among our students. While competition is not mandatory, nor expected of students, many students enjoy competing as means of testing themselves and their abilities. With a competitive background ourselves,  we will  encourage  and support  any  student  who  wish  to  step  it   up and compete. The only requirement necessary to be eligible to compete is the willingness to work hard, with consistency, dedication and diligence. 

This event is designed for beginners of 3 months minimum experience. It is a great opportunity for all beginners to get their feet wet and prepare for future tournaments around the Bay Area. Competition in general, helps children develop many life skills such as goal setting, team spirit, confidence and learning to manage success and disappointment. Brentwood students may register at the front desk. An online form will be up soon for everyone else to register. The first 70 students who register will get an exclusive competitor tee!
Check out the photo album from last year's event.

Now, get on the mat and go train! ;)

Women's Rape Prevention Seminar Photo Album


Another amazing time on the mat teaching the women from the east county a little of what we know about sexual assaults and rape prevention. Over 50 women came to learn and practice valuable escaping skills useful for the streets.

From 14 to 50 year olds, everyone left the class feeling a lot more educated about rape prevention. We talked about improved awareness, escapes and strategies from getting away from an attacker standing and on the ground and answered many "what ifs".Thanks all for coming out. Stay tuned for another free seminar early 2014! Check out this street self-defense demo from Saturday from one of our female students.

For more info on our women-only and the co-ed Jiu-Jitsu programs, click here
Brentwood Press article.

Click on photo to view full photo album. 

Crosley Gracie Podcast Interview w/ Inside BJJ



Women's Rape Prevention Seminar: Almost at Capacity


Don't wait until the last minute, we are almost at capacity 5 days out! Call us and register today!!

Coming in 2014: Rickson Gracie Seminar!


We've been in touch with the Samurai of the Gracie Family, Rickson Gracie about a visit to our Academy for a 3-hr seminar in early 2014. More details coming soon, stay tuned!!

4 Gracies Seminar for Javier Torres Photo Album


Ten Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts, including four Gracie family members came together in Long Beach, California to teach a benefit seminar for the family of a student who tragically died in car accident last month. Between all participants and others who donate to the cause, little under 10K was collected and passed on to Javier Torres's family. While nothing can compare to the pain and discomfort of a sudden death in anyone's family, the energy felt inside Neutral Grounds Jiu-Jitsu Academy last Thursday, September 12 certainly showed his family how much he was he was loved. It was unbelievable.

Witnessing all of Javier's teammates and friends coming together to support their JiuJitsu fellow was one of the most inspiring things I've ever been a part of. The demonstration of camaraderie, brotherhood and love by everyone in there is what life is all about. It's what Martial Arts is all about. Selflessness, compassion, humility, unity. May Javier's family find strength and comfort in this difficult time, and as for all of us who were there to celebrate his life that day, we were honored to be part of this special moment. Huge props to Neutral Grounds Head instructor Evaldo lima for the beautiful initiative. Rest in peace, "Javi".

All 10 Black Belts along with Javier's son in the middle. Click the photo to view photo album.

Benefit Seminar w/ 4 Gracies in Long Beach, Ca.